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The sad end...

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by amyleigh105, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. amyleigh105

    amyleigh105 New Member

    So, I absolutely love my surface piercings under my collarbones. I have had them since September, and I hadnt really had any problems... Until very recently.
    It seems that my skin is ready to have this metal out of it. The barbells are round and bent at 90 degree angles, so they look like staples. When I first got the piercings, the barbells were not visible at all. All you could see were the balls on the ends. Over time, they have made their way out to the surface. At first you could just see some of the silver barbells sticking out. NOW the corners of the barbells are poking out a little.
    And Im sure this is normal for these kinds of piercings.
    I was wondering if I could get any suggestions for taking them out and taking care of the open holes afterwards.
    Or if anyone knows of a simple solution that would allow me to keep the piercings...?? I dread letting them go so soon, but it is getting a little uncomfortable when I do certain activities, and Im afraid if I dont take them out myself, I will have even bigger problems? :(
  2. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    Hi Amy,

    I'm sorry to hear that your surface piercings are migrating out, but it sounds like that's what's happening. That is very common with surface piercings, unfortunately. If your body's already moving the jewelry out after such a short period of time, then I don't know that you'd have much success if you were to get re-pierced. You could always try later, but I think you will need to let these heal first.

    Personally, this is one I'd go see your piercer for help with, rather than trying to take out the jewelry on your own. While there, you can ask if there's anything you can do to salvage them. If s/he says no, get the jewelry out, and then be religious with your aftercare for awhile. You'll need to go back to doing sea salt solution soaks 2x/day, and I'd suggest spritzing on some Nature's Pure Defense a couple times a day in between SSS applications.

    Good luck!
  3. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    By the way, since surface piercings are prone to leave scars behind, you may want to invest in some vitamin E oil to start applying once the holes close up. I wouldn't suggest using it during the healing process, though, because it can clog the healing fistulas and trap bacteria inside, leading to infection. However, once the holes close up, you should start applying vitamin E oil religiously to minimize scarring.
  4. amyleigh105

    amyleigh105 New Member

    Well, the removal process is over with. And it wasnt nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be.

    Thanks for the advice, Laura. :)
    And I actually have some vitamin E oil already. So I will use that definitely.
    Even though I think the scars are actually kind of cute. Haha.
  5. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    No problem, Amy! Glad to hear that the removal process is out of the way and that it went smoothly.

    Take care,
  6. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi Amy,
    Use sea salt soaks until everything is closed up and healed nicely, no uneveness along the healing line.
    Once you are satisfied that the fistula has closed evenly start with the vit e to heal the surface scars.
    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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