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VCH vs Christina

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by tarrenfawn, May 4, 2011.

  1. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member


    I'm considering getting pierced 'down there' and I was hoping for some advice/stories from you guys (especially if you have had one of these done)


    I love the look of a christina, I think they look sexy, but after reading up, I see they aren't very common and have a high rate of rejection and take a while to heal. Does anyone here have one?

    so my next choice would be a vch, which seems to be very popular with the ladies, low risk, fast heal etc. etc.

    (what I really wanna hear is christina success stories ;])
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi Terren,
    I agree the Christina does look cute but the practicalities of waxing have always kept me away from it. I HATE with a passion having any hair in this area so I doubt that I will ever get this one. I'm sure that there are lovely ladies on the site with success stories though.
    VCH I can tell you about. This was my first piercing and I have never regretted it for one moment. Healed like a dream, hurt for a millisecond and gives me so much in return, I will never get rid of it.
    In reality there is no reason why you cannot have them both. As you do not have any other genital piercings the piercer may not want to do them both at the same time but if you go for a Christina I definately recommend that you go to a pro.
    Some DIY a VCH but to make sure it's lined up properly etc I'd recommend that you also go to a pro for it too.
  3. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    Thanks for the advice! Yeah waxing was also something I thought about, I love being hair-free but I figured I'd have to forgo waxing while it's healing, but once it's healed I could just take it out while they wax?

    After I posted this I had a look at the gallery and saw a pic with both, and it looks good also, hmm more choices I think I may have to go both =]

    I'm still just curious as to healing times on the Christina...

    As for doing them both at once, my reasoning is, if I can sit through a tattoo, I can manage a piercing (or two) lol
  4. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    If in doubt get both that way you can decide yourself if you want to take either or both out :)
  5. XCypher

    XCypher New Member

    Hmmm .... Its my opinion that the christina is a result of trying to duplicate a vch on ladies who don't quite have the anatomy for a vch. Also with healing times if you are still interested with the christina why not just get a microdermal in that spot? But like i said thats just my opinion and a male perspective :)
  6. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    Cypher that idea could work, especially since the christina can cause those problems. But problems come with dermals as well....
    Depending upon if you're looking for pleasure or not is up to you but the VCH creates pleasure and the Christina can just be a pain in the ***.
  7. XCypher

    XCypher New Member

    Yeah the christina is definitly a visual only piercing and ur right they each have issues to contend with. Whatever u decide will no doubt be the best option for yourself :) keep us updated.
  8. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    Thanks for the input guys =]

    I think I'm gonna go with the microdermal and vch =] seems like the best idea... Though I think I'll wait a month or so for my 2 divers in my wrist to heal fully before tackling these ones =]

    I'll let you know what happens =D
  9. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    good choice.

    Good luck, keep us updated, and enjoy :)
  10. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    So I did it! I got a VCH... I chickened out 2 days in a row before going, this is ridiculous, just do it ^^

    It only hurt a little (more like a sting then a hurt) and didn't bleed at all... But I was going 'hmmm, I wonder the adrenaline will run out and it starts to hurt'... Which was 20 minutes later, just a slight dull ache, and I'm walking like an old person XD

    Anyways I lover it, it's 14g Titanium rainbow anodized curved barbell (10mm)... In two weeks (when I have funds, and a wax XD) I'll be getting the dermal done... Can't wait for the finished product (because I can't think of it as anything but a set =])

    Thanks for the encouragement guys ^^
  11. woodsie

    woodsie Active Member

    Good on you, cant wait to see photos of your lovely piercings
  12. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    So thought I'd mention I got the dermal anchor done on Monday... pics will follow (if I can be assed XP)
  13. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    Good to hear you listened to all of the crazy people eh? XD
  14. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    Ofcourse! I'm glad I did!
    Where's the fun in being normal anyways? =]

    My dermal is already feeling good, not tender anymore so good choice I think =]
  15. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Congratulations on your new piercings.
    Once the healing is done the fun can begin.
    If you don't mind letting us see them I would be interested to see pics,
    especially of the dermal.
  16. tarrenfawn

    tarrenfawn New Member

    As promised =]

    And I found I've already been able to play. I also bought a healing post for the dermal which I thought would come in handy when it comes to waxing.

    The dermal is one week old today, you cant see the colours very well, but they're all rainbow anodized titanium. The placing of the dermal is just above the fold line (?) when I'm standing, I figured that would lessen the chance of rejection, but my other dermals/divers are doing well so I don't think it's going to be an issue ^^

    I love lover them, and the one person who has played with them does too ^^

    Attached Files:

  17. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Congratulations, they look great, I love the look and they are obviously healing very well. Good thinking about the placement above the fold line.
    Do let us know how the healing progresses.

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