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Wearing a bra over my pierced nipples.

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by Whytefoxx, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Whytefoxx

    Whytefoxx New Member

    Hi! Wall of text incoming, sorry.

    As I say, I'd really like to be able to wear one of my bras... it's been a couple of years since I got both nipples pierced and my breasts are visibly sagging as I have no support, plus I'm much happier about the way my figure looks if I can have a bit of shape there.

    I can't seem even to wear a tight top or sports bra over them without the nipples becoming visibly inflamed- hard, red, swollen and very sore. I get a lot of that clear yellow crust around the holes, sometimes flecked with blood, and this will take around a week to resolve, just from a few hours in a bra. Often one will get a little infected (I think) with that yellow pus-looking stuff leaking, though I learned here that might simply be sebum. The piercings are very well behaved so long as I stick to the PTFE barbells- no crusties, no weeping, no pain.

    I had them pierced as I have relatively small breasts and didn't have nipples- well, nothing you could see. This at least makes them look semi-normal so I'd like to keep the piercing if at all possible. I have wondered if the ducts being pulled due to the tension of the nipples being held erect is a problem? I can't see what the bra's doing to them that they react so poorly to- not aware of rubbing, ok less fresh air... Are there different bra styles that are good- or tape over the nipples to protect them? Might this just take time to heal up as I'm unwell and healing more slowly in general? Should I try and get them used to the bra by toughing it out with them? Or maybe- are they a lost cause and I should let them heal up so I can dress normally again?

    When they are inflamed I use a salt-water bath daily (like, a teaspoon salt in a cup of water) unless I think they may be infected at which point I put a little tea-tree oil in there. Hope that's enough info without going on too long, and that i haven't duplicated anyone's post- couldn't see any simalar questions.
  2. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    I never had this problem with my nipples as I'm a male, but the healing times for nipples can be upwards of a year.
  3. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    It's a long answer but there are a lot of points here:

    It sounds as though your piercings have not healed up properly even though they have been done several years.
    You say that you wear PTFE, did you have a bad reaction to either sss or titanium, is this why you prefer PTFE? My preference would be to swap to titanium jewellery but make sure it is sterilized before you put them in, you don't want to introduce bacteria to an already inflamed or infected fistula. Make sure that the bars are long enough to allow for the width of your nipple when it is relaxed but not too long that it catches or gets knocked. Keep these in until you are completely healed up. You don't mention whether this has affected 'play time' but I suggest you give them a holiday for several weeks to try to give them an opportunity to heal.
    A tight bra can push the jewellery back into the nipple and if the piercings are not properly healed this will aggravate them. This is generally more of an issue for larger breasted ladies but it's not always a problem.
    You mention different styles of bra. During the day time you could try a balconette bra or 1/4 cup which will not cover the whole breast, leaving the nipple peeping over the top. You could use fillets to keep your breast pushed up high in this style of bra. If they are still infected and weeping you could start wearing a smooth, soft whole cup bra at night to give them protection from accidental knocks. Try putting a lint dressing over the nipple to prevent catching, secured but not tightly. I'll talk about after care in a minute.
    The tiny amount that a piercing pulls forward your nipple should not adversly affect your ducts, I think it's more a healing issue. You mention that you are not very well at the moment and that will affect how long it takes to heal your nipple fistulas. They regularily take a year or more to heal, even when you are healthy.
    Sea Salt soaks need to be made up in the ratio 1/4 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water, no stronger. A whole teaspoon is too strong and you risk getting a salt burn. Do your ss soaks twice a day, after showering. Make sure that there is no shower gel of other product left on or close to the piercing and then do the sss. Any crusties which haven't come away remove gently with a cotton bud. Use a fresh bud for each fistula and make sure that they are dry before you put any clothes or the dressings on. The tea tree oil is fine. In the daytime at work you could use H2o, I used to carry a small one around in my bag for this purpose only.

    I think I have covered everything but if there is anything else please just ask.
    Let us know how you get on please???
  4. Whytefoxx

    Whytefoxx New Member

    Awesome; that is a help. evrything I tried so far jewelry wise has been sss or ptfe- will try and source some titanium barbells- they will look nicer too imo. Less salt also- I know too strong is also irritating. Tight bra may be an issue; got a couple I'm willing to doctor to give more room, and nice excuse to dust off the fillets (if I can remember where I stashed em)! 1/4 cup is fine as I'm on the small side, so no popping out/spilling over nightmares.

    Will let you know how it goes anyway! Thankyou.
  5. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    You are welcome, we do our best to help.
    Let us know how you get on. In a couple of weeks you should see an improvment. :)
  6. XCypher

    XCypher New Member

    I see no mention of a cbr? I wear one in all my holes except my navel.
  7. ladynighthawk

    ladynighthawk New Member

    had both my nipples pierced last night after 2 years of research didn't hurt and i love them am so happy i had it done and the pircer i went to was awsome
  8. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi ladynighthawk,
    Congratulations on your new holes, look after them and you will have lots and lots of fun with them. If you have any questions please ask.
    This is an old thread and you should have started a new one of your own.
    If you haven't already done so please just pop over to the rules thread and familiarize yourself with them.
  9. Coconutwonder

    Coconutwonder New Member

    OT: Rainbird, I think you make an extremely good job giving advices about aftercare, materials and other useful tips. I find your answers in almost every thread extremely helpful (and it reminds me of stuff I thought I forgot and makes me really aware of things) - you seem really educated in the nipple-area!
  10. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Thank you CooNW,
    We aim to please.
    Just to recap one point here before I close this old thread.
    I do not recommend wearing CBR's in unhealed nipples for 2 reasons.
    First is that they will rotate, even if you do not pay with them and this will introduce bacteria into the fistula, risking infection.
    2nd is that wearing a CBR in a straight piercing, especially in a healing stage will pull the sides down and they can become irritated and painful. I recommend waiting until you are fully healed plus at least another 3 months before you make this sort of jewellery change.
    Any further questions or comments are welcome but please start your own thread.
    Thank you.
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