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west edmonton mall-2 placesl

Discussion in 'Artist/Shop Reviews' started by Kaitain, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Kaitain

    Kaitain New Member

    ok both me and a friend went to the west Edmonton mall to get our navels pierced so I have 2 reviews for two different places.

    orchid- honestly I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw the mall itself. Just plain looking at some of the rules there scream "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!"

    everything was open there were no separate rooms, tattooing and piercing were done in the same general area and by the same person who I doubt changed her gloves. The guy out front explained nothing and wouldn't let you decide on anything. There was even a sign there that said if you drink anything even water in the last 4 hours before piercing that they would refuse you and the paper you had to sign would have protected them if they urinated on the needles before hand. all in all it was unsanitary, rushed, the staff had no knowledge on what they were doing and they cared nothing for their costumers. The prices were wonkey as well some things were cheap and other outrageous expensive. I personally didn't get pierced there but my friend did and now she's scared and actually getting tested for stuff.

    RX INC- ok like 4 doors down from orchid but soo clean. they make sure you know what you're getting into and use sterile equipment. ask one of the ladies that work there and they have their opinion on orchid and think that orchid should be shut down.
    They made me feel very comfortable and even let my friend in the room with me even though orchid would not let me in with my friend.
    ever room was seperate and the lady who pierced me must have changed her gloves 100 times. everything was prepackaged and she set up right in front of us even though we didn't ask just so we could see the environment that I was getting pierced in. after piercing she had me stay in the room about 10 mins to make sure I was ok and retold all the things she said before the piercing about care and stuff. She even gave me a card so that if anything concerned me that I could give the place a call.
    and even though my friend didn't get pierced there they made sure she knew as well about careing for the piercing and gave her the same number. and unlike my friend I was able to pick out the bar I wanted and everything. The staff was really nice and I will be going there again.
    It was soo worth walking out of orchid and walking 5 seconds to RX. RX is a much more professional, caring, clean, and knowledgeable place, with helpfull, friendly staff. I might even go for a tattoo there soon. The girl who pierced me done all her own tattoos which if you could see them must have been quite a feat and I would definitely trust her with mine.

    edit-you got what you paid for in a good way the prices are a bit expensive but so worth it for the treatment
  2. moochachaa

    moochachaa New Member


    I went to Orchid to get my lip pierced the Chinese lady did it , it seems like she is the only one who does tattoos and piercings, she let my friend come into the room with me so and also they made me eat food and drink some orange juice and eat a chocolate bar before getting my piercing, the lady cleaned my lip and then stuck the needle threw, but she went thew the outside of my lip in ? and i thought it was from inside out ?
    but anyways when i went to pay for it, it came out to a total of 90 dollars, their site said it was 55 dollars! i didn't even get to pick out witch lip ring i wanted, like what the F* they ripped me off, go to FX or the one down from Orchid thats my advice.
  3. Rae007

    Rae007 New Member


    okay i me and my sister went to get our navel pierced in orchid, and we were not rushed at all. the chinese lady did it. they let us pick which bar we wanted. my mom and sister where allowed in the room when i got mine done and vise versa for my sister. they assured us that it wouldn't hurt, which it didn't. the only thing that was wrong was mine was a little crooked. i called back a few days later and told them, i came in and they re pierced it for no addition charge. i was pretty happy with their service.
  4. demonbitch

    demonbitch New Member

    First of all the last time I checked it was FX not RX but excuse me if that has changed some time recently. As for Orchid not be knowledgeable about piercings that is a load of stuff. Even there web site explains what type of jewlery is used, and they post the standards. Anyone whos ever been there knows there are seperate rooms for each tattoo artist as well as the piecer. It is perfectly fine that you perfered FX over orchid after all you should be pierced were you feel most comfortable however the person who pierced you, was not very professional if she was down talking orchid as far as I know she used to work there herself, so it really couldn't have been that bad of a place. If you were so concerned about cleanliness you should have asked each shop to show you there clave log and see were that would have got you.
  5. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi Demon***** & welcome to the forum.
    Why not pop over to the introduce yourself thread and lwt us know a bit more about yourself.
    I haven't visited Orchid but I'm very pleased to hear from you that the shop has greatly improved.
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