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Whats up everybody????

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Love Kills Slowly, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Love Kills Slowly

    Love Kills Slowly New Member

    hey there names nichole but everybody calls me gummy 22yrs and working for UPS (i try not to think about it to much) my bod mods include(5 tattoos wiccan symbols (pentacle&triple moon) on each wrist one above each hip bone( stars) and one on my shoulder(Nene Thomas: queen of owls), 7 piercings 1 stomach 6 ears.
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Nichole, if you haven't already had the official welcome yet someone will be along shortly. In the meantime make sure you read the rules, have a browse around. I'm sure you will find it really interesting and a great source of informtion, as I have. Your tattoos sound really interesting, there is a gallery if you would like to post some pics.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again -
  3. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Hey Gummy!!!

    WELCOME to the Forum.

    Glad to have you here. we love having new members join our little asylum.

    So my speech is to tell you to read the rules and then join in and make friends and have fun.

    If you run into problems feel free to contact either iamblackbird, our illustrious, indomitable, intriguing Admin.
    or Jameson13, resident Body Hacker and Moderator
    or ME, Scooter, resident Den Mother and all around weirdo.
  4. PiercedMouse

    PiercedMouse The Kid

    im Mouse i consider my self the youth of the forums so don't be hesitant to talk to me im really nice ask anyone here.
  5. hello...

    Im LV, kinda a soft spoken member here, i help when i can...although im quite adverse for my age...im kind when i can be, and usually freaking out the rest of the time, a little neurotic and kinda off, but here with open ears always. hope you enjoy the forums.
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