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whats up guys/gals

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Twizz_mod, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Twizz_mod

    Twizz_mod New Member

    Names Chris but friends call me twizz stumbled across you sight while looking threw the web and figured id join up

    heres some of my body mods..

    0g ears
    14g lebret
    000 tongue
    3 step ladder
    double Dydoe
    14g nipples


    twizz on inside of lip
    half glow in the dark sleeve
    skull on calf

    more but i dont want to bore ya lol

    just wanted to say whats up
  2. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Hi Twizz,
    I sorta figure that I fit that guy/gal decription better than anyone else here. Besides I think I'm the unofficial welcome wagon host/ess.
    So let me start this by saying WELCOME to our Forum!!!

    I see you've already joined in and are making yourself at home.

    So now for the lecture part. pull up a seat this doesn't take long.
    Somewhere near the top of the page are the "Rules" of the forum. Find 'em and give them a read. I'll say that there is space for your pix over in the Gallery. I got word from Painful that they are going to overhaul it soon so that the little glitches stop pestering all of us.
    Custom Avatar uploading is also on the overhaul list. At the moment if you have something you would like to use, PM me and I'll give you a place to send it so that I can put it in via the backdoor. Any problems feel free to PM me or Jameson13 (Lowly Mods) or iamblackbird (Queen Admin).

    See that didn't take long.

    So again I'm glad to have you here.

  3. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    Lowly mods?!!! I'm the Gestapo Mod! I rule with an iron fist!

    All jokes aside, welcome to our home.
  4. BrokenAngel_mod

    BrokenAngel_mod New Member

    welcome you should have fun here its great the people are great the information is great and its just a great place to be you should have fun here :)

  5. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Pssht, "lowly mods". Please. I'd be floundering without you two.
  6. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Hey Twiz! Welcome! Your gonna like it here!
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