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What's your colour type?

Discussion in 'Ink, Ink, and More Ink' started by richeturners, Jan 11, 2018.


Black, Black & Grey or Colour?

  1. Black

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  2. Black & Grey

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  3. Colour

  1. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    With the many different styles of tattoo for artists to express themselves with. Is there a general preference to colour, black & grey or black as black can get tatts from the clients viewpoint?

    Personally I love colour but am thinking that a black & grey with nothing but a few colour highlights may fuse together nicely
  2. pidjones

    pidjones Member

    I seriously considered a black-only woodcut style at one time. I have B&G and I have color. There is no specific color pallet that I cling to. More determined by the subject. Say, for a full-rigged ship, it really looks best to me to be B&G. Cameos of my wife and daughters are in color.
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  3. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Thanks for your input and I hear where you're coming from pidjones.;)
    Subject matter and also skin type plays a part too as a colleague of mine gave up with colour because there was too much drop out with the colour pigments. He does however take black ink well so all is not lost for him :).

    I was recently asked this question about preference at a tattoo convention by an operative recording the event for a popular social media company. Just thought I'd buzz it on the PP forum to see what the good folk of the community think:D

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