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When getting pierced...

Discussion in 'The Knowledge Base' started by jbRghost, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. jbRghost

    jbRghost New Member

    To everyone getting pierced. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Seriously! A piercers job is to not only give you a piercing. But to answer any question you have and offer a good, clean safe, expierence.Ask about the jewelry, maybe even ask to see the jewelry, ask what its made of. Alot of times a problem with a piercing can be as simple as the fact that maybe there are scrathes on the jewelry, this can create micro tears for bacteria to get in, take a look check it out. Its all about you. If your piercer cant or well not answer the questions, go somewhere else... There are weeks where i will only have a few piercings and the rest of the time i spend enlightening customers that were refused answers at other shops or were given damaged or cheap jewelry. ANother thing, if there are a$$es or appear to be dirty, go somewhere else, its your body, dont take the chance. A crooked piercing is very easy to fix... an infection, or a disease, not so much. Be safe, be smart, and have fun!!

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