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Why yes MothholeS is new and shiny

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by MothholeS, May 21, 2007.

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  1. MothholeS

    MothholeS New Member

    hello everyone!! after lurking around for a few months i finally decided to join. my name is Ashley and i am from jersey. i just started to stretch my ears a few months back and am currently at a 14g. plans for some tattoos in the future when funds are applicable.

    i am an artist and musician. art wise i am a painter, animator, sculptor and dapple in other things here and there. musically i've been playing guitar for half my life, been singing for all my life, am a poet (both lyric wise and not) and just learned violin and can play keyboard and a few other instruments by ear. i love all those things to deathe as well as anything from world religions/mythology to psychology to tattoos/bodmods to martial arts to dead bugs, my interests are quite varied :) nice to meet you all!
  2. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Another Ashley??? Well Hi and Welcome to the Boards.
    Since you've beern lurking for a bit, you have a fair idea on who we are and what we are about. So jump right in. If you have problems anywhere feel free to PM me or one of the other Mods/Admin. I'll do what I can to help.
  3. MothholeS

    MothholeS New Member

    there are so very many ashleys around..its quite scary. and no problem. :)
  4. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Yeah, Lot's of Ash's so If'n y'all don't mind I'll just call ya Moth.
  5. pauki

    pauki New Member

    hiya MOTH lol and welcome! i also play the violin lol though im not good at it lol.... :mrgreen: anyhow welcome to the pp family hahaha
  6. rex_hardcastle

    rex_hardcastle New Member

    hiya, welcomeness to the baords, im sure you'll find it a pretty handy place
  7. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    Welcome to the boards Ashley! Like Scooter said, feel free to pm me or any of the mods if you have any questions.

    You seem like you have some great hobbies. What martial arts do you do? I'm a 3rd degree black in Jiu-Jitsu and 2nd degree in Taikwondo.
  8. Slyver

    Slyver New Member

    Hihihi always nice to see new faces
  9. MothholeS

    MothholeS New Member

    hey everyone! and moth is just fine. :)

    thanks. thats really cool, always nice to find others around who like martial arts! uhm lemme see. i studied around 5 years in karate i am pretty sure budokai but i could be horribly mistaken. i made it to a greenbelt (i skipped alot of belts) before i decided to train on my own. i did kickboxing for like 3 years and half a year of jiu-jitsu. i studied a year and a half of kendo swordplay, moreso with the boken/unsharpened katana as opposed to the shinai and continued to study it on my own after i quit, along with the general fighting. i did train with a bo staff for 2 months, it was alright but the sword was more my taste weapon wise. i also learned all the pressure points in the human body..i know its the equivalent of some martial art style but i lack the name at the moment. and i dabbled in boxing here and there aside from the working out i do on a daily basis. i think that about sums it up, my fighting style is quite..eccelctic to say the least. :)
  10. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    A martial artist with an identity crisis! :mrgreen: i like that
  11. MothholeS

    MothholeS New Member

    ha, that was an awesome way of phrasing it.
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